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by Race, Utah, 1990-2000
by Hispanic Ethnicity, Utah, 1990-2000
by Race and Age Group, 2000
by Hispanic/non-Hispanic Ethnicity and Age Group, Utah, 2000
Percentage Hispanic Ethnicity by 61 Utah Small Areas, 2000
for Percentage of Persons of White Race by Local Health District, Utah, 2000
Percentage White by 61 Small Areas, 2000

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Indicator Profile of Utah Population Characteristics: Racial and Ethnic Composition of the Population
Utah Population Estimates by Hispanic Ethnicity, Utah, 1990-2000
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Data Notes
Persons of Hispanic ethnicity may be any race.

Data Sources
U.S. Bureau of the Census; 

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Percentage distribution of racial and ethnic populations.

How We Calculated the Rates
Numerator:Number of persons in each racial/ethnic group in Utah.
Denominator:Total number of persons in Utah.

Why Is This Important?
Our current health system was developed based on the needs and perspectives of the White/Anglo-American Utah culture. As a result, Utahns of other cultures often experience barriers to receiving culturally sensitive and appropriate health care. Because of this and other social factors (e.g., proportion of workers in "blue collar" jobs without health benefits, lack of trust in the health care system), the health status of non-Anglo ethnic groups is often poorer than that of the mainstream population. Reducing racial and ethnically-based health disparities is an overarching goal of the U.S. Public Health Service's Healthy People 2010 initiative.

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