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IBIS-PH Graphic Display Preference
This page allows you to specify the type of graphics that you want the system to deliver to your browser when viewing charts and maps on the IBIS-PH site. Currently the system has two image types:
  1. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) images
    • Scalable images - they can be resized without loss of detail.
    • Zoomable images - they can be zoomed and panned by simply right clicking on the image and selecting the option.
    • Interactive - For charts you can mouse over the legend and the chart will highlight the data associated with that series, or mouse over a data points and see its value and any confidence limits. For maps you can zoom in/out/pan, turn on/off map layers, and mouse over areas to see detailed data values and landmark identifiers.
    • Smaller file size - they load a little faster.
    • Require the installation of browser plugin.
    • More difficult to import into other applications.
  2. JPEG raster images
    • Natively supported by all browsers - no plugin installation required.
    • Easily imported into most applications.
    • Not scalable nor interactive.

Listed below is the graphic display setting being used by the IBIS-PH system for your browser. You have the option to change the setting and to make the setting permanent for future visits to this site.

No Image Type Specified - No SVG Plugin Detected
The IBIS-PH system is set to deliver all chart and map graphic images to your system in the JPEG format. A check was performed to detect an SVG plugin for this browser but was unable to detect a valid SVG plugin. The system also could not find a saved graphic display preference. If you want to keep the JPEG image format, you do not need to do anything since this is the default behavior of the system.

Please select the type of chart and map graphic images to be delivered to your browser by the IBIS-PH system:
Standard JPEG.
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).
Click here for basic instructions on how to install the SVG plugin. Once you have installed the plugin return to this page and select the SVG graphic image type option. Or, you can select the SVG option now and then install the plugin later, but be aware that you will not be able to view any chart or map graphic images on this site until the SVG plugin has been properly installed for this browser. More detailed SVG information / instructions / help / FAQs is provided on Abobe's SVG Zone.

Make your selection permanent for future visits to this site.
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This page last updated 06/11/2015